Ferocia – The beauty in the savage

What appealed to me most about this beauty was the sheer stance in which the bike was poised when I saw it. I know it sounds slightly superficial but that’s the best I can depict the cycle. I have seen many and ridden quite a few but this one just seemed different. It’s the same thing that we go through when we see an awesome bike or maybe a beautiful girl or a handsome guy out of nowhere! Hopefully, now you will relate better!

My trial ride on the multispeed variant of Ferocia just blew me away! It was like a beast waiting to be unleashed and the sheer stance of the bike when you ride it just wants to make you challenge your own limits. These are just my personal expressions and no better way of sharing them than through words. The bike design just seems perfect for an MTB and do check out the amazing dual shade paint finish which is something never seen before in Indian cycle brands. Now, I am not an authority over cycles, but the components used in these bikes seem so premium and add to the richness of the visual appeal. So, now you know how easy it was for me to decide in purchasing Lucifer Bikes Ferocia. 

Guys, I am genuinely impressed with Ferocia. All their other variants are also equally impressive and each one has its own USP. To me, Ferocia is THE BIKE! If you are looking for a bike, get one from Lucifer Bikes soon and I look forward to forming a club of Lucifer Bikes (LB) and exploring the adventurous terrain on our MTBs. That’s where this bike is already being put to test and that’s where I get my adrenaline rush from. So, if you are looking for a bike, I seriously recommend Lucifer Bikes, irrespective of whichever model you choose according to your liking, but this is a decision that you will not regret and will thank me for it. LOL!

The impressive ‘Made in India bike’ brand – Lucifer Bikes
The ideal hybrid cycle “Initial”
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